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Welcome to our Help Centre,

When you use our App, you trust us with your information. Hence, we take number of security measures to ensure safety and security of your valuable files. We have put our maximum effort to make this app an excellent choice for you. However, not all things always happen to our expectations. Errors are not uncommon in software, due to many reasons. No software giant is exceptional to this.

When you store files in to this app, we strongly recommend the following steps:

Why files missed sometimes?

We take proper steps to move your files into our app. First of all we check your file for various attributes before originally copying your files. After all preliminary check-ups, we create a safety copy of your file. then the safety copy is checked against your original file for integrity. then your file is copied into our app, then converted into a format that others can not access, then the processed file is checked for integrity. and finally, after all steps are completed, without any error, your original file is deleted. We differ from all conventional apps, which directly move the original file without taking all these safety steps. Though we take number of steps to ensure safety and security of your files, not all things always happen to our expectations. Sometimes, windows returns a null or zero value when accessing the file, even after stored. System engine creates a bug when stored file is converted back to readable format. Windows OS blocks/deletes certain files, as false positives. In some cases, many anti-virus softwares do this strange thing. It is not uncommon. 

What to do if files missed?

If you are unable to recover the files, we are ready to help you through teamviewer online. Contact us: